Technical Director, Rigging


Job Description:

Responsible for shaping the characters 3D geometry and the delivery of a well-designed set of animation controls for manipulating that geometry in animated films



  1. Proficiency in Maya- animation section, character rigging and scale control. Ability to solve comprehensive rigging problems
  2. Proficiency in Maya mel and Python. Experience in rigging programming, with the ability to accomplish simple but effective rigging setting. Provide and refine an articulation of the full range of e
    xpressions and body movement needed to support a character’s acting range in the film
  3. 3+ years of work experience, with a solid understanding of structure decomposition, perspective and layout
  4. Passionate about art and animation production. Devoted to animation production. Good artistic flair and talent
  5. Demonstrated fast learning and problem solving capabilities; ability to work with a team; demonstrate a sense of humor
  6. English communication skills are preferred


To apply:

Please submit your resume to



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